Working at the highest levels

Is tough in today’s growing and frantic business environment.

We see it every day here in Downtown Dayton. Tech is taking over and while empowering, it’s also disrupting. Soon you end up grinding your day away to do more in less time.

What if you could take your work somewhere other than those four walls? Some place where ideas easily flow and getting in touch with new fascinating people is simply the norm. Where you breathe and live the vibrant and active lifestyle that allows you to think grand plans and put them in motion.

With 7 million visitors every year

The Greater Downtown Dayton area is turning more and more from a mere business district, into a vital spot for anyone who wants to work, play and learn. We were born here and wanted to do our part in creating a place where everyone could do just that.

With The 804 we’ve realized our vision of keeping Dayton’s historic foundations alive, while building and improving on them.

It all started with the idea of turning the old 804 warehouse building into a urban indoor facility offering Tech Town’s new workers and residents a safe storage space. We quickly realized the incredible potential this building had, and how much more we could do, not only for our new neighbors but for our families, our friends, the people of Dayton.


This is where you can work, have fun, learn or simply relax, without the distractions and demands of the busy Downtown’s corporate and tech world.

We built what we knew was missing and needed most.

Whether you look for a productive and inspiring meeting and training off-site space. Or you want to share a warm cup of coffee at our bar with your friends and colleagues. From early in the morning until late at night. You’ll find your perfect spot at The 804.

The result is a dynamic, energetic and uniquely characteristic environment standing out among everything else in the area.